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He walks into the room, and instantly you know something is differnt.… - Nikki

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November 4th, 2010

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03:09 pm
He walks into the room, and instantly you know something is differnt. You continue laying in bed, acting as if you were asleep, as he curls up next to you. Tonight he is very loving, in a way he has not been in a long time, a way you have in fact longed for... You enjoy the moment engage in small conversation. Thenext day, is very much the same. Comforting words, and feeling of love. He insists that dinner is your choice, and in fact he sticks to your decision.. still it is very different feeling. The next day you work, and when you come home he has made a big change, which is a little upsetting only becuase you have had a long day... and only want a shower.

So you turn on the water- as hot as it can get, get undressed and step into the shower. You let the heat and steam embrace you as you soap up your body and slowly wash away your day's issues.

The next day you are a little under the weather... the feeling you get before a sickness comes that brings you to your knees. He keeps insisting there is something wrong,becasue you don't look like yourself, you look sick, sad, and he admits like shit. Earlier that day a lot had gone on and yet it was not much at the same time. Helping your father with your sick grandmother, dropping off food donations from your compnays food drive, then home.

He still insists something must be wrong, once again you insist nothing is wrong. Then admits he feels guilty over the change he had done without talking to you... and you wonder is that the real reason?

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Date:November 5th, 2010 06:12 am (UTC)
hmmm.... okay I'm wondering what this 'big change' is... this post started out pretty good and now I'm wondering what is going on. a little under the weather doesnt sound good either. but that was nice you helped your father with your sick grandmother and dropped off food donations!! :) anyway, I'll have to check in to see how things are going over there.

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