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When will someone save me from myself - Nikki

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November 20th, 2015

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05:37 pm - When will someone save me from myself
What a day... what a way to be.... to be lost in a world.. where maybe I can't be me... I try so hard to please you, I think about it long and hard... yet every day I die a little... when you fail to see my heart. Everything I do, and everything I've done... has all some how put me here... where I seem to fall apart. I cannot lead the way, I can't even find my own... because every turn I take... brings me to a darker road.

How can I please you, when hurting me is the only way. I do all of what you ask of me.. and yet I don't feel safe. I dot the t's and cross the I's because I am so torn.. I cannot find a way to breath.. I cannot make your heart warm. So when is time to close the door.. and walk a brighter path.. when is time to say good bye... when is it safe to laugh... at childish dreams still beating me... and poking every day..

When you loose the one you love, will someone step into that place.. how do you fill a void.. when its such a tight and dark place.. when will the time help heal me.. for the words you spoke so cold... when will I find my place.. when I feel I'm all alone.

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